Buying A Freightliner: What To Know

15 November 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Small delivery trucks may no longer be helpful for your business. Your drivers may be burnt out with so many deliveries in such a little truck, and you might realize you need to upgrade your company fleet. A freightliner can seem like a scary purchase at first, but if you're aware of truck details like those below, the freight liner you get now will be the first of many more.

You Should Visit Banks First

You've probably been looking up truck dealerships that sell used and new trucks, but stop that for a moment. Your first stop should be a bank in the area. You should investigate your chances of getting a fair business loan before your truck search goes any further. That may slightly odd or outright ridiculous, especially if you don't want to commit to loan payments. However, a loan could be smart for a few reasons.

First, even if you want a used freightliner, loan funds raise your chances for a newer model with no problems and low mileage. Secondly, if you're paying low loan payments monthly, that looks fantastic for your credit and you might be able to secure additional credit lines for your business. Lastly, being able to hold on to company savings enables other responsibilities to be met and you'll have some money around if there's a business emergency.

You've Got to Drive It

Once you start investigating freightliners, they might all seem similar. You may keep asking questions about the engine or gas mileage but other than that not really understand what else you should be asking about. That's why you've got to sit yourself behind the big rig's wheel and drive it for a while.

As you drive, issues will become apparent to you. You may not like the line of vision through the windshield, for instance. Turning in a particular truck can seem less than safe, or the seat may be so uncomfortable that after a few minutes you want to get up and walk around. Issues like that are only evident when someone has driven the truck, so it's not advisable to buy any semi-truck until you or one of your regular drivers has tested it.

Freightliner purchases are signs that you're doing something right with regards to your company. Keep your company prosperous by paying attention to truck details like these which can affect the deliveries of your products. Visit a site like for more help.