Buying Used Auto Parts From Salvage Yard Operations

25 November 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Recycling has become such a large part of our everyday life that we just expect it. We recycle plastics, metals, and even styrofoam every day, so the idea of recycling things like old or damaged cars should not be a surprise. What used to be messy junk operations have changed, and the idea of auto recycling has taken hold in many places. How can it benefit you? You might be surprised.

How Does Auto Recycling Work?

Much like with any form of recycling, auto recycling takes the good parts of the car for reuse and the part that is not useful, generally the body, is crushed and sold to metal recyclers. Each car is evaluated and checked over, and then the good parts are removed, tested, and cataloged. The parts are then resold to mechanics or the general public for use as repair parts. Once everything usable has been removed, the car is set aside and when there are enough to sell, the cars are crushed and loaded on a truck to be transported to the metal recycler.

Saving Money On Used Parts

When you need a replacement part for your car, you might want to consider looking for the part at a local salvage yard. The cost savings can be much more than you might expect. Since the parts are used, the salvage yard will likely only offer a 30-day warranty on the parts, but in many cases, parts sourced from a salvage yard will last for many years to come. Depending on what the part you need is, the salvage yard may offer you a little cash back if you bring them your old part. The old part may not function, but the case and a few other parts in an alternator or starter, for instance, can be sold to a manufacturer as a core that they will take apart, clean, rebuild, and then sell.

What Parts Can Be Bought At A Salvage Yard?

Pretty much any part that does not wear with use can be bought at a salvage yard. The starter, alternator, water pump, accessories on the motor, an entire motor, transmission, axle assembly, or even the glass (if it is good) can be removed and sold. Sometimes salvage operators will take batteries out of cars, remove tires and wheels, and remove the entire interiors to be sold. If the part is in good working order, it is pretty much fair game. In smaller salvage operations, they may leave all the parts on the car until you ask for it, simply because they don't have room to store everything that could come off the cars they have there, and it may take a day to get the part, as they have to remove it for you.

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