Maintain Vital Parts Of Your Car

29 November 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you recently purchased a used car from an individual who lives down the road from you, having the vehicle inspected and maintaining vital parts of the vehicle will increase the odds that you will remain safe while driving. After a mechanic services your vehicle, use the tips below to help you keep the car in operable order: 

Take Care Of The Brakes And Heed Warnings

Practice driving your car so that you get used to the way that it handles on the road. When applying the brakes, use consistent pressure when pressing down on the brake pedal. Avoid tapping the brake pedal incessantly or using too much force while pressing against the pedal because this can cause air to get into the brake lines or the brake pads to wear out prematurely.

If you ever notice a shrill squeak when pressing on the brake pedal, take your car to a mechanic to have it serviced. A squeaky noise may mean that the brake pads are thin and need to be replaced. If you do not have the brakes inspected, the noise can become worse, and the brakes may fail, or the rotors on your car may be affected, resulting in expensive repairs. 

Check Fluids And Have Liquids Changed Periodically

If you tend to drive your car a lot, it is important to check the water level in the radiator and the oil and transmission fluid amounts in their respective reservoirs. If the radiator tank level begins to fall, use a hose or pitcher to add water to the tank after your car's engine has cooled down.

To check the oil level, turn your car's ignition off before pulling the oil dipstick from its reservoir. To check transmission fluid, allow your car to idle before pulling the transmission dipstick from its reservoir. If water, oil, or transmission fluid become dirty or are a consistency that is not the same as normal, take your vehicle to an automotive shop to have the affected liquid drained and replaced. 

Clean The Windshield As Needed And Cover Your Vehicle When Not Being Used

Clean your car's windshield with glass cleaner and a soft cloth if you notice dirty residue stuck on the exterior side of the glass. By cleaning the glass as needed, the windshield wiper blades won't come into contact with a substance that could potentially scratch the windshield. When you are not going to be driving your vehicle for a while, park the car inside of a garage or underneath a canopy to prevent freezing rain, snow, or debris from coming into contact with the windshield.